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Foul Lessons In Life Vol 1.

In todays blog of Foul Al's life lessons I am talking about women that don't believe in washing their ass. I see a lot of dudes online chasing these stink women on Instagram thinking they found their Read More »

Loving My Style

Loving my Style Foul Al









Here is a single I recorded called Loving My Style feel free to download.

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Welcome to Foul

This maybe your first time hearing of me but I want to welcome you to this experience. My name is Foul Al I am a Mc, producer, marketer, web designer, motivator and newly learned video editor. I love music this is my life I have been writing songs since I was in the third grade. I’ll never forget when my moms Read More »

It’s A New Day!

I'm hyped right now I just finish creating this site and I want to say thank you for checking it out. I'm going to take a real shot at this blogging and Vlogging thing and see what the music lovers and fans of my music want to hear. So please I ask that you Read More »

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