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Understatement | Foul Al


    Foul Al brings, Understatement, the first of many releases, to C.D. baby for your enjoyment. After years of perfecting his style, to coincide with the art of hip-hop, Foul is ready to introduce the rebirth.

    Giving Foul's determination for the renewal of the art, Renny Entertainment, Inc. is bringing exactly what the doctor ordered. Foul Al's determination has pushed him to press up his own C.D. to push on the streets of New York, while his team helps push units around the coast. He is also constantly in the studio recording and reinventing his sound.

    Understatement is a breath taking composition; compose for everyone's taste. "Tired of being alone" a dedication to single mothers everywhere, will bring mothers and children to tears. Then he is able to show his versatility with tracks like "Deep as him," and "Is it all for money," tracks that are ready for radio play all day. Listening to understatement tells you Foul Al has been doing his homework. The lyrical content and word play puts you right in the heart of the songs. Copping Foul Al's Understatement will be well worth the funds. Understatement is an album to listen to from start to finish.

    Foul is no stranger to writing and recording. He's been doing this for more then ten years. Averaging four to five songs in one hour of a recording session. Foul is a seasoned veteran, ready to take the game by storm.

    Foul Al is signed to Renny Entertainment, Inc., an independent label out of Far Rockaway. Renny is short for "Renaissance" the rebirth for the company brings a new sound to the music world. Renny Entertainment, Inc. is proud to have Foul as an artist. Between the company's determination to build worthy artists and Al's determination to perfect his craft, the chemistry is phenomenal.

    Renny Entertainment, Inc. presents, Foul AL, Understatement. Coming soon Beautiful Music.
    released July 1, 2004

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